Memorial Services / Prayers

We offer memorial services and prayers for your loved ones.

We recommend the memorial service of guests' ancestors and deceased friends and family while your stay at Koyasan.
Guests can also send prayers for family and friends' safety and good health.

If you are staying at Koyasan Fumon-in, we begin our morning prayers in the main hall at 6:30 am. If you're interested, please contact us in advance.

Memorial Service

We offer temporary to permanent memorial services. Prayers to the deceased can be offered for a long time at Koyasan Fumonin and they can be written in the necrology for eternal prayers.

Eitai Kuyo (to perform memorial service for a longer period)

At Koyasan Fumon-in, we will keep the necrology until the 50th anniversary of death.

Jun Dainichi Tile
Dainichi Tile
Special Dainichi Tile
Special Dainichi Tile
Please contact us for costs.

Laying of Ashes

We will hold a memorial service for the deceased at the Koyasan Fumon-in for one year until deceased member's bone is lay in the ossuary next to the temple. Please feel free to apply together with the permanent memorial service.

Cinerarium Fee
Please contact us for costs.

*Please inquire us if you'd like to request us to keep for more than one year.
The principle buddha is Dainichi Nyorai (Vairocana), the Buddha of the Shingon sect, but it is also referred to as the Dainichi Nyorai of Fumon Mandoku, and its name is the origin of our temple.

The Votive Lantern

We entrust the thoughts and prayers to our ancestor in a form of a lantern memorial, and dedicate them to the lantern hall in front of Kobo Daishi Imperial Temple.
In addition, dedicating them to the Koyasan Fumonin main hall is also possible.
We can engrave wishes such as the prayer of "the Ancestors of the XX family" or "the Security of the XX family" onto the votive lantern. (*Please inquire.)

Please contact us for costs.



Safety of household, physical health, healing sickness, sound health, traffic safety, maritime safety, health and longevity, fulfillment of desires, safe childbirth, healthy relationship, etc.

Standard Prayer
Special Prayer Goma Kuyo (Fire Ritual)
Please contact us for costs.

How to Apply

To apply, please contact us by telephone or print out the “Prayer Application Form” below and send by fax.

Payment method

You will be required to pay our prepayment by bank transfer, postal transfer or registered mail.
At the time of application, you will decide the payment method and we will inform you of the transfer destination such as bank transfer / postal transfer etc. Please pay.
We pray as soon as we confirm the payment.

Payment time

Please pay within 10 days after application. (If there is no payment for 10 days or more after application, it will be automatically canceled.)

About cancellation

We will pray after payment, so there is no cancellation fee after applying.
However, no refund will be given after payment.