The Temple Grounds

Fumonin Floor Plan


Public Bath

Murou-no-Yu / Murashou-no-Yu

Our bathtub is a shallow tub with consideration to safety in mind so guests relax from their trip. The floor is made of Towadaishi, which is often found in luxury hotels. Each shower booth has a partition to ensure privacy. The bright dressing room concept is "warmth of wood" and "cleanliness." Please enjoy our bath as "healing time" in Koyasan.

Family Bath

Kanjaku-no-yu/ Kiyosumi-no-yu

A bath made of cypress is available exclusively for guests staying in the deluxe room "Rindo" or "Shoin" so guests can enjoy their privacy. Enjoy the difference of the large bath with stone as its main decor.
Please use the Kanjaku-no-Yu (2nd floor) for Rindo and Kiyosumi-no-yu (1st floor) for Shoin.

Tea Room/Garden

Tea Room

We have stools to sit, Tsukubai to squat in a small room and a multipurpose hall. At Koyasan, morning tea is especially suitable. *We will lend a set of tea utensils.

Fumonin Garden

According to the archive, the Fumoin Garden was constructed by the feudal lord of Matsuyama Castle, Kobori Enshu. A stepping stone was struck from Shoin (the drawing room), and a stone bridge made of natural stone from Kishu was built over the pond to reach Kameshima. There is also a way from the stone bridge over Dejima to the back of the main hall.
The pond is in indented form, with Kamejima in the middle of the pond and Dejima (Tsurushima Island) in the south (on the right). Above it, there is a dry waterfall made of triad stones, and the flow of it connects the upper and lower dry waterfalls, creating a dry stream of pebbles. With a lot of pruning throughout the mountains, the mountains in the south have artificial hills, perhaps with a pictorial representation.

Hall Room

Upper Room

This is a fusuma picture drawn on the theme of cherry blossom viewing by Taiko Hideyoshi.

Other Facilities

Dining Hall (special room only)

Special dining room exclusively for hotel guests.


There is one in the parking lot and one in the deluxe room.
Please tell us if you wish to use it.


A calm atmosphere lobby on the 1st floor.